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Our offer

Jenisch Consulting is the reliable and experienced consulting partner at the interfaces of production, logistics and quality for organizations in the life sciences sector and manufacturing industry.

We support our clients in optimally aligning their business processes to customer needs with financially viable, practically implementable and sustainable solutions, because Jenisch Consulting has many years of experience and methodological expertise in process design using lean and agile methods and approaches improvements together with the people involved.


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Lean Management & Agile Methods

I assist in aligning your processes and organization with customer needs, leveraging lean management methods and Six Sigma statistical tools. 

By embracing agile methodologies, your employees are empowered, and customer satisfaction is further optimized.

Project leadership or project coaching

My objective is to contribute my abilities and expertise to your company, either by assuming project leadership directly or by offering advisory guidance to the assigned project manager. The objective is to drive the project to success through effective methods and structures. Central to this endeavor are the team and employees, actively involved in the project.

Interim Management & Advisory

I offer support in areas where organizations, such as medium-sized businesses, lack the necessary expertise within their leadership team or only need it sporadically. Examples include developing a strategy, establishing a project portfolio, implementing risk management, or providing situational analysis/advice by a neutral, independent party.

Dr. A. Wolf

Outstanding project manager is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Eva. I have had the pleasure of knowing Eva for almost 20 years and recently she managed an important project in my area of responsibility. She structured the project very well, using the lean 6 sigma methodology. She is a good listener and knows how to create the right team spirit, even with people who initially had completely different views. This enabled her to lead a team of busy executives and professionals and meet a very tight schedule. While our original target for the project was a 20% reduction in resource utilization, the results of the project exceeded our original expectations with a 65% reduction. Eva is a real asset for initiatives that require strategic acumen as well as the ability to turn goals into action and is highly recommended."

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