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Achieving process excellence in practice

with Jenisch Consulting on the road to success!

Your current situation - where are the opportunities for improvement?

Do business processes frequently cause problems? Some examples of problems or critical situations that frequently occur in companies include:​

  • Increasing customer complaints about late deliveries, inadequate quality or poor service.

  • Costs are rising faster than turnover.

  • Significant fluctuations in the internal order processing time.

  • Significant variations in the quality of products or services.

  • Stock levels too high or too low - poor delivery capability.

  • Frequent fire drills to rectify mistakes. Too much overtime. Stress, misunderstandings and frustrated employees.

If these situations sound familiar to you,
then we need to have a word.

What are the potential root causes?

Organizations may encounter such problems time and again. The causes of these problems often lie within the business processes and can be quite varied, here are some possible reasons:​

  • Processes do not run smoothly and may waste valuable resources such as time, money and manpower.

  • Process standards are missing or unclear, leading to confusion, errors and inconsistencies.

  • Processes are too complex, difficult to understand and operate, which in turn leads to delays and errors.

  • Processes can have bottlenecks when certain steps or resources impede the flow, causing delays and ineffective work.

  • Rigid or inflexible processes make it difficult to adapt to new circumstances or implement changes.

  • A lack of transparency and monitoring of processes leads to quality problems with products or services.

  • Violation of legal or regulatory requirements due to poorly designed or monitored processes.

​Do you experience situations like this yourself? Then it's time
to take a closer look at the underlying issues.

How can I best support you in solving these problems?

Process evaluations should be carried out regularly within the company in order to identify weaknesses and take appropriate measures to optimize business processes or adapt them to changing conditions. Continuous improvement of processes is crucial in order to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors and quality losses.

 work in close partnership with my clients and tailor my structured approach to their business to achieve optimal results:

Illustration on the question of whether we want to work together

Getting to know each other, do we want to work together?

You define your consulting needs and decide whether my offer is right for you.

Preparing the work together

To-Be Concept

We create a concept based on the analysis of the current situation with proposals for optimizing business processes and further developing the company. Goals, measures and recommendations for action are developed and evaluated.

Illustration of target concept

Problem statement, determining the approach, and planning

We start by defining the process issues to be solved together. It is important to develop a common understanding of the problem and the expected results.

Illustration of concrete implementation


The concept is implemented in close cooperation with you and your team. This may involve restructuring departments, optimizing processes, introducing new IT systems or training employees.

Illustration for As-Is Analysis


We conduct a detailed analysis of your company's current situation. This involves examining and documenting processes, structures, workflows and dependencies.

Illustration for tracking progress

Performance monitoring

During the implementation phase, progress is monitored regularly and adjustments are made if necessary. We support you in monitoring the success of the measures.

Once the assignment has been completed, we can draw up a final report summarizing the measures taken, results and recommendations upon request. Depending on the agreement, follow-up support can then be provided to ensure that the changes are implemented sustainably.

I believe it is important to adapt my approach to your specific needs
therefore these steps may vary.

Why choose me?

Why would I be the one to help you make your processes leaner and more efficient?

I have a wealth of experience in helping you to improve your business processes - whether as a responsible manager, project lead or advisor. I do have 30 years of experience in Lean Management and I am also a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma + Lean.

  • I help you to tackle problems at the root and effectively solve them.

  • I involve employees in the development and implementation of solutions. This ensures that the know-how remains within your company.

  • Working on projects with me isn't a chore; it's fun!

Eva Jenisch, experienced consultant for process optimization


Request a free initial consultation today!

Oberer Batterieweg 66

CH-4059 Basel

+41 78 694 29 81

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